Kierki try a very popular Gloss compendium games, similar to Queen

Kierki try a very popular Gloss compendium games, similar to Queen


“Kierki” is simply an excellent diminutive of the word to possess heart, however, the game is quite distinctive from the fresh Anglo-American game away from Hearts, which is identified during the Poland are “Window Minds” because it is understood just through the version that has been mailed which have a well-identified computer system operating system.

Four members participate in the essential particular Keirki, and there’s a version for three professionals towards the rating altered a while to save the bill. An excellent Kierki suits consists of two parts: the brand new “game” (rozgrywka) and also the “re-game” (odgrywka). In the first area the target is to end effective specific cards or ways and this get negative factors. On 2nd area, professionals attempt to win campaigns so you can rating confident issues. In the a properly arranged satisfy the figures regarding negative and positive issues is actually equal, so the sum of all players’ issues finally tend to be zero.

Members and you will Notes

The quality video game is for four people, for every to experience for themselves. The quality 52-card French recommended package is utilized. The fresh cards in the for every match review out-of highest to lower A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-dos.

The overall game is played clockwise. The original broker is selected randomly while the seek out contract passes to the left after each hand. The fresh new agent deals all of the cards away 1 by 1, to ensure that for every single player has thirteen notes.

Rozgrywka – Bad Video game

The first eight revenue are played rather than trumps. The player so you can dealer’s leftover contributes to the first key. Players need certainly to follow suit if they, if you don’t they might throw any card. The secret is won of the high card of suit contributed while the champ contributes to next key. Objective and you may rating of each and every bargain differs, the following.

  1. Bez lew (no strategies). Professionals avoid delivering techniques. Each key removed score -20 activities.
  2. Bez kierГіw (no minds). Members try to avoid getting minds. Every cardio within the a great player’s methods score -20 points. You’re taboo to lead a middle to a secret until you really don’t have anything however, hearts on your own hand. There are not any limitations Date me review with the discarding minds if you have zero card of your fit provided.
  3. Bez paЕ„ (zero girls). Every queen inside an excellent player’s campaigns scores -60 products.
  4. Bez panГіw (zero men). The jack and every queen from inside the an effective player’s tricks ratings -31 situations.
  5. Bez krГіla kier (no queen out of hearts). The new queen out of hearts ‘s the sole penalty cards. The player who gains the secret which includes new queen off hearts scores -150 things. Such as contract dos (Bez kierГіw), you’re forbidden to lead a middle to an information until you have nothing but hearts on the give. The newest king from minds should be discarded on the any key to that you try not to go after suit.
  6. Bez siГіdmej i ostatniej lewy (no 7th and no history secret) The fresh new champions from 7th trick as well as the past trick per get -75 factors.
  7. RozbГіjnik (bandit), known as wariat (crazy). Within this offer the punishment regarding very first half a dozen earlier in the day product sales try obtained. Thus instance profitable a key on what the brand new king out-of minds try discarded can cost you you at the very least 20+20+30+150=220 things (to have a trick, a heart, an excellent genteleman in addition to queen out-of minds). As with sale 2 and you may 5, you must not direct minds unless you do not have option.

The full amount of penalty factors in the 1st half a dozen deals is 1300 (that’s 20*thirteen + 20*thirteen + 60*cuatro + 30*8 + 150 + 75*2). The brand new is various other 1300 what to lose during the deal seven, while making 2600 completely.